Friday, June 15, 2012

Back to Oz

It's been a busy week. Make that a busy month! England, Scotland, Philly, Palo Alto, and last night I found out I'm going to Canberra. Seems like I was just in Australia. Oh wait, I was.

So here I am sitting in the Red Carpet club (or whatever United wants to call it now that the merger has commenced) at SFO. That's UA 863, my flight to Sydney, there in the photo. That's it, the 747.

Still waiting to hear from United whether I'm getting upgraded. If not, it's going to be a long night. Cross your fingers!

I'm flying to Canberra to help mentor a co-worker. Oh darn, fly me to Australia for work. :-)

This crazy fly-out-on-a-moment's-notice gig is coming right on the heels of a brief trip to Palo Alto to film some more online instructional videos. Thought a picture of the recording studio would be interesting to see for those who have seen the one of the final results.

Got to run now. Boardings about to begin. So it's time, once again, to wrap up all my power cords and hop on yet another plane.

Perhaps I'll dream of something handy tonight over the Pacific. I know I'm wanting one at the moment.

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