Saturday, November 17, 2012

Copenhagen, Denmark

Catching up on my photos. Here's some of Copenhagen.

Full size photos here if you prefer.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Garden of the Gods

I spent last week attending a class on VMware vCloud Suite 5.1-- awesome class. Afterwards Alicia suggested that I visit the Garden of the Gods before the sun set. When I got there, I quickly understood why she urged me to go. It was simultaneously beautiful and fascinating and oh-so-photo-worthy.

But was I up to the task? There I was with my handy iPhone popping off shots, but I found myself wondering how to do a respectable job of capturing the beauty in photos. I often find that I need to make adjustments when photographing different places. Usually I can make minor adjustments, and I can make those adjustments quickly based on previous similar environments.

But Garden of the Gods was unlike any place I've photographed before. It was an exciting challenge for me because the clock was ticking, so I had to rush to find things I thought would make for good photos and make technical adjustments to how I took the photos.

This was a rushed project for me, but I had fun learning on the fly and I think the photos did a reasonable job of capturing what I saw.

Full size photos here if you prefer.