Friday, January 1, 2016

Hood River and San Juan Bautista

Happy New Year!

I'm taking advantage of the holiday (and the recent momentum I got from working on my India photos) to catch up on some other photos from 2015.

What do Hood River, Oregon and San Juan Bautista, California have to do with each other?

Ordinarily very little.

In our case, those were the locations for two weddings that we attended in 2015. With the exception of 2015, we've been a lull. You get to an age in life when all your friends who are going to ever get married are married. As a result the number of wedding invites tapers off considerably.

The nieces and nephews will get married some day in the not too distant future, but those weddings are likely many years in the future.

Right now it's lulls-ville.

So it was a surprise in 2015 to attend not one but two weddings.

The first was Richard and Sabrina's wedding in Hood River.

This was our first trip to Hood River, so we took the opportunity to explore the area. One thing that confused me initially was that I wasn't aware that I was looking at multiple mountains. If recollection serves, the photo below is of Mt. Hood.

We spent much of our free time touring the "fruit loop".

And we had the opportunity to meet some friendly alpacas. I say "friendly" because at the time I couldn't remember whether it is llamas that spit or alpacas or both. Still not sure which ones are the spitters. Fortunately, these guys weren't spitters.

You can see more photos from Hood River here.

Interestingly, I found out recently that I'll be returning to Oregon for a third time. The first time was the wedding in Hood River. The second time was for work in November. And I'll be returning the week of January 18th again for work. Not sure yet whether it'll be Beaverton or Hillsboro or Lake Oswego. All conveniently located to let me visit my mom again.

The second wedding was Larry and Dianna's in San Juan Bautista.

Mission San Juan Bautista is beautiful...

The plants on the ground of the mission were intriguing...

But some of the best photos weren't ones that I took. Rather, these were taken in the photo booth at the wedding reception.

Extra credit to me for the creative use of the mustache. :-)

You can see more photos from San Juan Bautista here.