Sunday, August 28, 2016

Yesterday's Commute

My commute is a bit variable. It takes me somewhere between a few seconds to roll out of bed (i.e. home office) and travelling 24+ hours to a far flung corner of the planet. Yesterday I did a rather low key commute from Las Vegas back home.

As is often the case, we were in the landing pattern that goes above Milpitas, over the salt ponds, up the bay, and landing on runway 28L or 28R. I always like to get a window seat in order to enjoy the views.

Yesterday, just after we flew past the Foster City sign and the San Mateo bridge and we were a few moments away from landing, the pilot gunned the engines and we were quickly gaining altitude again. Not sure why we aborted the landing - it wasn't terribly foggy - but I'm glad we did.

The photo above is of the salt ponds across the bay in Menlo Park. Ordinarily this is the view you get. But after the aborted landing, the flight was re-routed out over the Pacific, back inland over Palo Alto, and down towards Menlo Park.

The following photos are of the salt ponds and marshlands on that side of the bay.

So there you have it. That was my commute yesterday. This week I'm working from home. And the following week I'm off to glamorous Pittsburgh. Not to worry... I'll find somewhere else exciting to go before year's end. Already have somewhere in mind and planning is underway!