Monday, January 5, 2015


Herbert Woods of Roatan Ocean Adventures is a man of his word.

He led us on a tour of Roatan, Honduras recently. During the snorkeling portion of the tour, he was popping off shots on his GoPro, and he promised to send the photos. "Promises, promises," I thought.

But Herbert delivered.

I received his underwater photos by email today. I freely confess that his underwater photography puts my feeble attempts to shame.

I'll include some of his fabulous photos here in this blog post, but there's more of Herbert's photos to see.

If you find yourself headed to Roatan, I highly recommend ROA. Herbert knows the island, he knows the underwater sights, and he knows how to go above and beyond. I wish him success in his business!

Here are some of his photos...

I, too, took photos. Big surprise, I know.

Here's some of the underwater action I captured on the GoPro (forgive the hurly parts of the video)... 

This cute guy is a capuchin monkey.

By himself, he's quite cute.

But there were three or so others in the cage with him. They all seemed to delight in digging through my pockets, burrowing into my collar, commandeering my iPhone, and doing parkour on my head. You can witness the monkey mayhem here...

After visting the monkeys and other critters (you can see more here), we headed to Arch's Iguana Farm. I have never - ever - seen so many iguanas in my life...

If you'd like to see more, there's more Roatan photos here.

And time permitting, I'll post photos from Belize City, Costa Maya, and Cozumel soon.