Sunday, January 5, 2014

Back in Bangkok

It has been almost two decades since I first came to Thailand. Much of that first trip is a blur... It's partially lost in the fading memory of time, partially lost to the fact that I was sick when I was here, and partially lost amongst the memories of the many other places I travelled on that trip.

But I'm back and enjoying getting to see Bangkok again. We have spent the last two days being led around by our friend Vera and her niece Poom.

Alicia and she have been talking about us meeting in Bangkok for years. Now it's finally happening.

We spent yesterday north of Bangkok in Ayutthaya. We visited Wat Chai Watthanaram followed by Wat Mahathat.

After the temples, we headed over to Wangchang Lae Phanait to see, ride, and feed the elephants.

Plenty of photos from the day, but no time to post them for now. Going to explore Bangkok a bit this morning, and then we'll head over to the Grand Palace.