Monday, October 24, 2011

Oz Photos

I should be sleeping right now, but my body clock says otherwise. Figured I may as well make use of the time, so I culled some photos from the trip to Australia.

These photos were all taken with my Olympus FE-370 (a simple point-n-shoot), so please forgive the inferior ones.

There are endless possible subjects to photograph in Australia. I've loosely grouped these photos into a few simple categories.


Flowers and Plants
Seeing flowers in Australia reminds me of Hawaii. While I see many flowers I recognize, I inevitably see flowers unlike anything I've ever seen. They're not just different, they're crazy different.


Tiny Flowers (who can identify them?)

Swirly Flower (again, who can identify?)

Fern Tendril

Fronds Galore

While I haven't identify each of these birds, the birders on our Antarctica expedition would be proud of how many of the following birds I (presumably) identified correctly! Let's hear it for!

Little Pied Cormorant

Australian White Ibis

Laughing Kookaburra

Rainbow Lorikeet

Crested Pigeon

Australian Pelican


I'm pleased to report that each of the following were spotted in the wild. No zoos this time 'round.


A 5-6' Kangaroo We Saw On Our Last Day

A Spider (only about the size of my fingernail)

I've loved lighthouses for as long as I can remember. There's something comforting knowing that someone is looking out for you.

Fort Denison Lighthouse

Bradley's Head Lighthouse

Hornby Lighthouse

Wollongong Lighthouse

Wroght Iron
I hope the Aussies will forgive the comparison, but the wrought iron you see throughout Sydney reminds me of New Orleans. I could spend days on end capturing the wrought iron on camera, but I'd probably drive Alicia totally insane. ;-)

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  1. I suspect the mystery flower pictured above the fern tendril is a Grevillea Superb.