Sunday, November 21, 2010


Life is full of strange coincidences.

Yesterday when I blogged about the Baskin Robbins turkey cake, I fully intended to include some snarky comment to the effect that I would rather eat a McRib sandwich than the turkey cake. Somehow it slipped my mind.

Today as I went past the McDonald's in Capitola, I noticed a banner flapping in the stormy wind. The McRib is back. :-p

I vaguely recall trying a McRib eons ago when I was but a wee lil' child. But I think that I should be forgiven for thinking back in my youth that a pork patty formed to look like a slab of ribs was something that a human should eat.

I also recall being a bit icked out when I noticed that the 'rib' portion of the slab was meat rather than bone. Even as a kid, that just didn't seem natural.

As I've matured over the years, I have been amused/nauseated the numerous times McDonald's has reintroduced the McRib. Many of those times they seemed to be attempting to reintroduce it but in such a way as to suggest that it was a new product.

While I will confess to a weakness for the occasional Egg McMuffin, I swore the rest of the McMenu off many, many, many years ago. As exciting as McDonald's may have been as a kid, as an adult, I don't miss it at all. And I most certainly don't miss the McRib.

It was a strange coincidence to stumble onto the McRib banner the day after thinking about it for the first time in ages. But far stranger is the concept of the McRib itself.