Saturday, November 20, 2010

Let's Talk Turkey

Sometimes there comes a time in one's life when a group of people does something that goes so far beyond what is societally and morally acceptable that you simply must put your foot down and tell the world, "This is wrong!".

Passing a Baskin Robbins today, I saw this poster in their window. I can't possibly envision going "back for seconds" because the thought of having a first serving of turkey cake is vile.

Reportedly it tastes like cake + ice cream rather than turkey. (Whew!) It is prepared with your choice of ice cream flavors. But what flavor of ice cream looks most similar to white meat? And dark meat?

I'll begrudgingly give BR props for the cutlet frills and for finding an alternative use for ice cream cones besides serving as scoop delivery vechicles and masquerading as clowns.

But the shinny brown vanilla gel? Nasty.

And what gives with the piped icing? Is that a supposed to be a wing? Looks more to me like a poorly executed subliminal heart.

Hey, BR... You ain't going to trick my subconscious into loving turkey cake!

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