Sunday, December 19, 2010

Up In The Air

I'm no Ryan Bingham (nor Clooney for that matter), but my jetlag lifestyle (err I mean "jetset") does resemble Up in the Air at times.

For the last couple years, I've had an on-going project tucked away in a dresser drawer. It chronicles through key cards the hotels I've stayed in.

To fully appreciate what the key cards represent, bear in mind that my hotel stays are typically 4 - 5 days and I only collect one key per check in.

Some notable key cards... 
  • Row 1, Column 7: Whoops. Didn't mean to include the key card from VMware Munich, but scanning these in took too long the first time. I'm not doing it a second time. :-p
  • Row 7, Column 3: A floating hotel... Spain > Italy > Greece > Turkey > Egypt > Malta > Spain.
  • Row 7, Column 4: The Conrad in Cairo.
  • Row 9, Column 5: The AmericInn in Madison, South Dakota. I'm Marriott Gold and Hilton Diamond, but I was a no one here because I'm not a member of the Matterhorn Club. ;-)

    P.S. How can it possibly be that there are only three entries for "Matterhorn Club" "Up In The Air" on Google? And this blog post is one of them? The Matterhorn Club line is one of my favorites in the entire movie!


    1. How are you going to get a key card in Antarctica? This may freak you out but I just posted this on Facebook. My friends think I travel a lot so I had to show them that you've taken the travel gene you inherited mostly from your dad to a whole new level.
      Love ~

    2. Why would I be freaked out? Mark Zuckerberg is such a charming fellow and holds his users in such high esteem. ;-)